I can help you to create a place of goodfeeling, according to your wishes and morden trends. I'm not only a desighner, I'm also a good manager, I can organize any process - I can be your link between builders, material shops, official authorities and ... beauty!)) I can speak, read & write english well enough.  I care about the final result and I'm aware that the small details make the hole view.

So, if you go with me you will get a design project with necessary drawings and pictures, my supervision of the building process, my help in choosing, ordering, buying and transporting of the finishing materials, furniture and


The price can vary, but for example, the studio 36-40 sq.m will cost you 1000 euro for a project and 500 euro for supervision each month while reconstructing lasts.

To call me see Contacts

Вкладывая деньги в дизайн Вашего жилья,
Вы не тратите деньги - Вы инвестируете в будущее!

Связаться со мной:

Tel: +79036648081

email: umaria@mail.ru


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